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Have you read the Inked Brotherhood series? Blurb Kaden Hansen was my whole world. I fell head over heels. And then he cheated on me.

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Or so I thought. Anyway, I ran away and refused to talk to him again.

But what if I was wrong? My ex cheated on me with my cousin. In our bed. And Kaden, my boyfriend, well… I think he cheated on me, too. Confidence is a fragile thing, and mine is already shattered. So I flew back to Chicago, putting distance between us before Kaden could hurt me more.

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Really, I swear. Only a miracle could throw us back together at this point… and who believes in those, right?

Just Like Other Daughters

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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious.

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Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, events, is coincidental and not intended by the author. Are you all right? The girl is not bad looking.

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She has something… sweet about her. Something about the bouncy bob of honey-blond hair and the fullness of her curves… Something of Hailey — and dammit, when will I stop comparing every single woman to her? Kinda lost track of time there. Time, and place, and girl. I try to get my head back in the game.

Hold on a sec.


The room spins lazily and I rub a hand over my face. Who are you trying to get over, huh? I shove my hair out of my eyes and groan deep in my throat. Get the hell out. What she all but forced me to say? I knew it was a fucking bad idea bringing her here.

Undone: Wild Men, #2

I never bring girls to my pad. Then her eyes narrow, sparking with anger of her own. The rumors were right about you.

  1. Dac istoria ultimilor cincizeci de ani ai artei ne nva ceva, atunci cu siguran c ea ne spune c o art detaat de lumea social e liber s mearg unde vrea, numai c nu are unde s mearg.
  2. Afterward, many things simply changed and I fought with a frailness I still despise.
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Gathering her things, yanking up the zipper of her dress, she throws me one last venomous look and departs, slamming the door behind her. She has no right to feel used. Hailey with her bright laughter and sexy curves, burner de grăsime eksi tried to help me reconnect with my brother.

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Who accepted me was I am. But the hell who cares now, right?

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Grabbing my trusted bottle from where I let it drop to the floor as I got up, I glare at what is left in it. Not nearly enough.

Carmen McKnight

In fact, nothing works. Cursing, I throw the bottle back down where it rolls over the carpet, leaving a trail of Vodka and alcohol fumes.

I stalk to the window, stare outside at the dark sky. My pad is in the suburbs, the backside facing out into nothingness. Or so it feels. And a couple trees, their shadows black against the clouds.