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Soarta zero ger dub arning series, 6.2 Professional Organisations

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Scopul adunărei noastre este de a spune lumii tot ceeace am suferit de sute de ani noi țiganii. Vom alege un comitet țigănesc care va fi obligat a recurge la onoratul Comitet Național Român din Sibiiu și a ruga pe Onoratul Comitet Național Român a ne lua și pe noi țiganii sub scutul Domniei lor.

soarta zero ger dub arning series

Soarta zero ger dub arning series rugăm, fraților de a lua parte în număr cât se poate de mare la prima noastră adunare țigănească de care adunare atârnă soarta tristei noastre vieți. Nu băgați în seamă nici o osteneală.

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Toți țiganii din împrejurimile noastre să fie la această adunare, tineri și bătrâni. Această adunare este autorizată de Consiliul Național Român din Cohalm. Comitetul Aranjator, Tiganii din Homorod. The goal of our assembly is to tell the world everything what we, the Gypsies, have suffered for centuries.

Au existat aspecte prog care ar fi dezvoltate în continuare în albumele ulterioare. Închitaristul original Victor Arduini a părăsit trupa și a fost înlocuit de Frank Arestiiar al treilea album Fates Warning, Awaken the Guardiana fost lansat în noiembrie acel an.

We will elect a Gypsy committee that will be obliged to resort to the honourable Romanian National Committee in Sibiu [5] and ask the honourable Romanian National Committee to take us, the Gypsies, under their protection. We urge you, brothers, to take part as many as possible in our first Gypsy assembly, on which depends the fate of our sad life.

Early history[ edit ] The region bounded by the Mureșthe Tisza and the Danube was very fertile and offered favorable conditions for food and human livelihood yet in BC. The first identifiable civilization in Banat were the Dacians who left traces of their past. Although its location is unknown, the coordinates given by geographer Ptolemy in Geographike Hyphegesis place it in the northwest of Banat. It is assumed that in the 9th century Knyaz Glad ruled over these lands. He accepted Hungarian sovereignty.

Get over any trouble! All the Gypsies in our surroundings, young and old, should come to this assembly. This assembly is authorised by the Romanian National Council in Cohalm [6]. Preparatory Committee, Gypsies in Homorod.

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Notes 1. Homorod — a town in Transylvania. This article from the February 9, has made a confusion between cause and effect and wrongly presented the manifesto as being the result of an assembly in Homorod, a locality close to Rupea.

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This change was implemented in Orthodox countries much later. Romania adopted new style dating for its civil calendar in when April 1st became April 14th, Before the Union, various provinces which were to become part of Greater Romania had different calendars Banat, Transylvania and Bukovina, already the Gregorian calendar while the Old Kingdom and Bessarabia used the Julian calendar.

soarta zero ger dub arning series

Hence, inin order to avoid any misunderstanding, the Roma organisers still had to specify the new style dating. The former was a political body of the Romanians in Transylvania that announced and organised the convening of the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia, which voted the resolution of the Union of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom, while the latter served as the provisory Transylvanian government until the final Union with the Romanian Kingdom between December 2, — April 4, Besides, the latter institution was based in Sibiu and received the Resolution of the Gypsy assembly.

soarta zero ger dub arning series

The local Romanian National Councils functioned under the leadership of the Central Romanian National Council and ceased their activity on the 6th of February Source: [No Author].

Un manifest al ţiganilor. Gazeta Poporului, An 2. Prepared for publication by Petre Matei.

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